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  • Physics sample image.
    Coming Soon: eScience Labs' General Physics Lab Kit

    Coming Spring, 2015: eScience Labs' General Physics is a hands-on laboratory solution for physics majors in online and hybrid courses, and uses a scientific method framework and calculus-based equations. Contact info@esciencelabs.com for more information.

  • Science Labs Anytime, Anywhere

    eScience Labs' comprehensive hands-on products and curriculum provide a traditional lab experience to students that may not otherwise be able to attend an on-campus lab.

  • Your Online Science Lab Solution

    Engaging students and empowering educators with hands-on lab kits and digital curriculum for online and blended learning.

  • Geology

    eScience Labs provides hands on, interactive lab kits to geology students everywhere, supplemented with digital tools and activities to enage students and provide self assessment.

    Find out how our Geology kits can be used in your online or hybrid courses.

  • Lab Assessment

    Measure student success with our front end and back end assessment tools.


    eScience Labs hands on lab kits are supported by quality digital content that can easily be integrated into Learning Management Systems. 

    • Full digital lab manuals
    • Concept animations
    • Lab drills
    • Interactive 3D models
    • Videos
  • Custom Kits
    Let us put the pieces of your lab course together.
    Tell us what you need, it's your course and your kit!
    Design your custom lab kit and digital curriculum.

eScience Labs provides a tactile lab experience for higher education, online learners through comprehensive lab kits. This experience mirrors traditional on-campus learning experiences. Lab kits include lab manuals, hands-on experiments, and virtual tools designed to engage a variety of learning styles. This innovative approach has been heralded by Eduventures as “the best mix of flexibility, efficiency, hands-on learning and safety.” Subjects include:

Allied HealthAnatomy & Physiology


Environmental ScienceGeology

PhysicsPhysical Science




Hear what your colleagues have to say:

 “I think the lab kits are wonderful.  They allow the students to experience Chemistry in a way that is safe and unintimidating. Students are excited to begin the labs... The directions are clear and concepts from the text are well reinforced.” - Instructor, Harrison Community College

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Lab manuals and virtual content are provided in course cartridges that seamlessly integrate to any Learning Management System. 
Student Benefits:
  • Single sign-on for lecture and lab
  • Direct integration of supplemental virtual content with textual information
  • Delivery of content within the familiar environment of their online course
  • Straightforward assignment retrieval and uploads
Instructor Benefits:
  • Easy integration of lab content
  • Full utilization of the LMS functionalities
  • Consistent content between instructors and sections
  • Support services for content integrations