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Letter From CEO, Tim Loomer

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Dear Administrators, Professors, and Students,

As the COVID-19 landscape continues to evolve, it pushes everyone in education to meet new challenges. We too are facing a never-before-seen state of affairs, and we believe it’s important to keep you informed as we move forward.

The Challenges
With courses across the nation moving from on-campus to fully online, we have seen a sudden and exponential increase in demand for our best-in-class online curriculum and physical lab kits. This presents certain operational challenges as we receive an unprecedented number of orders and new customer inquiries each day.

Similarly, the global supply chain is under severe distress as distributors around the world are temporarily shut down due to COVID-19, which makes procuring the right materials for so many kits an ongoing effort for our team.

What This Means for You

  • Longer than Usual Response Times from Customer Service and Sales
    • The increase in nationwide demand for our product may result in longer response times to sales and customer service inquiries.

  • Potential Delays in Order Processing
    • As a result of the supply chain situation, some customers may experience delays in processing times for kit orders.
    • We have already made great strides to increase our production and secure alternate material suppliers. We will continue to work hard to mitigate the disruption to students.

Rest assured we will continue to drive innovation and efficiency in our operations. We deeply appreciate the continued patience of all our instructors, students, and partner institutions. We will continue to communicate as we navigate the situation ahead and look forward to serving all our customers through this global crisis.

Thank you and stay well,

Tim Loomer