Online College Students Get Hands-On Lab Experience with eScience Labs’ 2nd Edition Introductory Physics Lab Kit

By Nathan, 07/25/2014 - 17:45

Denver, CO -  July 24, 2014

eScience Labs, a leading provider of lab solutions for online science courses, is pleased to announce its 2nd Edition Introductory Physics Lab Kit, available for Spring 2015 course adoptions. The lab kit is intended for higher education, non-majors students enrolled in online or hybrid course models.

eScience Labs has provided hands-on lab kits and digital curriculum for nontraditional, higher education students for the past seven years and continually strives to improve its products.  The 2nd Edition Introductory Physics Lab Kit is the latest update. 

The 2nd Edition Introductory Physics Lab Kit provides first and second semester coursework and includes 26 labs with 55 total experiments. The curriculum is algebra-based and covers concepts such as Newtonian mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, wave properties, electricity, circuits, magnetic forces, light and optics.

The new version enriches the experiences of students, educators and instructional designers through hands-on experiments combined with online materials such as case studies, updated virtual assets and course development tools. This blended model of hands-on and digital features offers individualized, tactile opportunities while continually engaging the modern learner.  As stated by Dr. Stephen Ray, “These labs are designed to be as rigorous as a college or AP physics instructor would expect. Students use physics to predict the outcome of experiments, and test those predictions by using ‘old school’ tools such as spring scales and circuit boards in novel, creative applications”

IMS validated common or native cartridges, question banks, teacher manuals and case studies enable smooth LMS integrations and support diverse assessment opportunities. As a unit, these assets mitigate obstacles often encountered during new content adoption processes, and promote mobile-ready course curriculum.

 eScience Labs is located in Denver, Colorado and was established in 2007. eScience Labs’ kits are fully customizable and allow students to further their education anytime, anywhere.