Music at the Heart of eScience: Written By Ali Dunbar

By Nathan, 03/18/2014 - 12:11

July 3rd, 2013: Music is the auditory connection between the warehouse and the office at eScience Labs. It is the common thread the pulls the employees together. One side of the building is dedicated to physically building the lab kits, and the other side is responsible for organizing the creation and the sale of the lab kits. Although the two parts of the building complement one another, they are fundamentally focused on the different sides of the business. However, music brings the two pieces of the eScience Labs puzzle together in order to create a successful business.

In the warehouse the music is upbeat with a fast tempo and lively lyrics. As the employees are building the lab kits, the music carries them from step to step. The process begins with constructing the Deline Boxes then moves on to building the individual modules and finally ends with all of the equipment being placed into the boxes. The music in the background encourages the employees to work at an efficient pace without losing accuracy. When building the lab modules, the quantities of the items must be exact. The respiration module must have six rubber bands, six medicine cups, two feet of Parafilm, kidney beans, pinto beans, and packets of Equal, Splenda, and sugar. The weather and climate change module must contain three large bags, one canning jar, and a Petri dish. Not only do the modules have to be precise, but the other items that go in the box must be correct as well. The Anatomy and Physiology lab kits with dissections require a cow’s eye and a sheep’s brain. Some lab kits require six cups of potting soil while others need 250 milliliters of both Fuji and Dasani water. Without the proper amounts, the kit would be incomplete. There must be a ruler, a chemical box, and a safety box for the lab kits to be appropriately supplied. As the employees in the warehouse work to make sure that all the equipment is put into the lab kits, the music pushes them forward. It keeps them energized and alert. The melody streams forward at a rapid pace, and along with it, the workers fill bags and boxes until the order is complete. Music helps the warehouse complete exceptional lab kits in a productive manner.

Assembly Line

Journeying from the warehouse to the office, every step is accompanied with the sound of music. In the office, the music is a different genre than the warehouse. It has a slower tempo and laid back lyrics. The employees in the office gaze at their computer screens with the music soothing their nerves. They punch figures into Fishbowl for the orders received from colleges and universities. They control communications and send out email blasts on Sage ACT!. They type equations into the custom lab manuals, so students and teachers know the educational goals of the labs. As the employees rapidly type on their keyboards, the music calms their worries about the numerous tasks that must be completed by five o’clock. The sales staff calls colleges to sell them the eScience Labs’ products. The purchasing department places orders with Carolina Biological Supply Company, Deline Boxes, and many more companies, so all of the supplies are available to build the lab kits. The accounting and finances department monitors the monetary flow of the eScience Labs business. They busily work to the tranquil melody of the music. Whenever the stress is almost unbearable the employees listen to the music, grab a few M&Ms from Scott Higgins’-the C.O.O. - desk, and get back to work. The music is a crucial form stress relief in the office. Its calming qualities assist the employees to sell and organize the eScience Lab products.

Customer Service

Although the types of music differ between the warehouse and the office at eScience Labs, it is a unifying feature between both areas of the business. The music is the auditory connection that illustrates an intangible connection between the office and the warehouse. Both sides of the business are motivated to do their work with speed, accuracy, and pride. With the music accompanying the employees in the warehouse, they are motivated to build a quality product in the designated amount of time. Likewise, the office is motivated to provide students with an exceptional yet affordable educational experience with the lab kits as music hums in the background as they work. Motivation and music connect the two sides of the eScience Labs business, so that eScience Labs can provide students with quality lab equipment and a meaningful understanding of science.