eScience Labs featured in Campus Technology: New Bio Labs for Online Courses Feature 3D, Animation

By Nathan, 06/02/2014 - 13:19

eScience Labs has introduced the second edition of its introductory biology lab kit, an online platform featuring 28 labs designed for non-majors in first and second semester online or hybrid courses. The labs explore domains such as biological processes, cellular fundamentals, kingdoms of life, and environmental biology, which students explore through supplemental video demonstrations, more than 160 interactive learning objects, and an integrated student portal experience for assessment delivery.

The labs blend hands-on and virtual coursework and features that emphasizes the need for individualized, tactile opportunities for higher level lab experiences.

Labs also feature the 3D Animal Cell, a program that demonstrates  key cell anatomy and processes such as transcription, translation, mitosis, and the citric acid cycle through animated sequences. Instructors also have access to IMS validated common cartridges, question banks, teacher manuals, and case studies to assist with lesson design.

The kit is available for Fall 2014 course adoptions.

By Stephen Noonoo05/07/14