eScience Labs CEO Addresses the Importance of Using Different Learning Styles

By Sarah Lust (not verified), 03/11/2016 - 11:47

eScience and TCCTA: "Power of Partnerships"

HOUSTON - March 3, 2016. Hundreds of community college educators gathered recently for the 69th annual Texas Community College Teachers Association conference. As part of the conference events, eScience Labs CEO Scotts Higgins led a roundtable discussion titled “Strengthening Learning through Sensory Engagement”. In his discussion, he stressed the importance of engaging the whole student in the learning experience.

“What you do with one student, you might have to use a different strategy for another one and that’s because their realities are different,” says Higgins.

Video: Scott Higgins on Student Realities

Higgins, who is a University of Colorado at Denver PhD candidate in Education and Human Development, also discussed how eScience Labs brings a multi-sensory educational experience to the online learner.

“We don’t create manuals any more, we create interactive manuals,” he adds. “You have to have text for the key concepts but we emphasize text with enhancements [and that] is critical. The students today are different. They are not used to the old approach of [just] a lecture.

Video: Scott Higgins on Interactive Manuals

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