Internship Opportunities



The Intern Program at eScience Labs is designed for College and High School students that desire to gain work experiences and first  hand exposure to business at an early stage in their career. Interns will gain work experience in operations, the front office and perform a variety of functions in their particular area of interest. Key to the success of this program is the relationship they will develop with a mentor in their field of interest.

College Students - will work with department head in area of their interest.

Minimum of 30 hrs per week, Maximum of 40 hrs per week*

High School Students - will work in warehouse and on general office/ operations projects as needed.

Minimum of 20 hrs per week, Maximum of 40 hrs per week*

 *We understand that many students have other commitments over the course of the summer. We will do our best to accommodate those needs, but request to be advised of any potential conflicts as early as possible. eScience Labs reserves the right to revoke the intership if, in our opinion, the interns schedule is not conducive to the successful completion of the program.

Mentor Program

Each student will be assigned a mentor. College students will work closely with their mentor on scheduling daily tasks and to develop a customized project/research.  At the end of the internship they will present the results of their project/research to the Officers, Department Heads and Managers of the company. High School students will connect with their mentors a few times a week for a lunch or to work on a specific project. 

Professional Development

Weekly intern meeting will be designed to improve their knowledge base, networking skills and general employability of the participants. These may include topics such as: good work habits, interview skills, resume writing, professional use of social media, starting your own business, sales strategies, etc.

Group Project

Each year the summer interns are assigned a group project to work on together that will be presented jointly at the end of the summer. This is intended to be more focused and detailed than the individual projects. In 2014, the group will do a community service project.