2017 Summer Internships



The Intern Program at eScience Labs is designed for College students that desire to gain work experiences and first  hand exposure to business at an early stage in their career. Interns will gain work experience in operations, the front office and perform a variety of functions in their particular area of interest. Key to the success of this program is the relationship they will develop with a mentor in their field of interest.

College Students - will work with department head in area of their interest.

Minimum of 30 hrs per week, Maximum of 40 hrs per week*

 *We understand that many students have other commitments over the course of the summer. We will do our best to accommodate those needs, but request to be advised of any potential conflicts as early as possible. eScience Labs reserves the right to revoke the intership if, in our opinion, the interns schedule is not conducive to the successful completion of the program.

Mentor Program

Each student will be assigned a mentor. College students will work closely with their mentor on scheduling daily tasks and to develop a customized project/research.  At the end of the internship they will present the results of their project/research to the Officers, Department Heads and Managers of the company. 

Professional Development

Weekly intern meeting will be designed to improve their knowledge base, networking skills and general employability of the participants. These may include topics such as: good work habits, interview skills, resume writing, professional use of social media, starting your own business, sales strategies, etc.

Group Project

Each year the summer interns are assigned a group project to work on together that will be presented jointly at the end of the summer. This is intended to be more focused and detailed than the individual projects. In 2017, the group will do a community service project.


Available Internship Positions

Digital Development

Web developers - Students with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experiences(JSON would be helpful as well). 
  1. They will be updating current content with new CSS, HTML and JavaScript  for better usability with mobile devices and current web standards.
  2. Working with JSON backed quizzes to deliver and track our content.
  3. Working with our content to enhance the data collection for each user(JavaScript, JSON).
  4. Working and developing with new frameworks to deliver our content.
  5. They will utilize there technical writing skills to document the new code they developed as well as writing basic systems requirement for user to interact with our content. 
  6. Creation of a Virtual Reality simulation/lab. 2nd degree in the another science would help.
  7. Any other idea's that come out of R & D while they working at escience.
  8. Work with Data warehouse/scientist on projects.
Data warehouse/scientist - Experience with mySQL, Microsoft BI or other 'open source' data visualization software. JavaScript and HTML experience is needed.
  1. They will be working with google analytics to interpret data, develop new triggers to enhance tracking and visualize the data to highlight trends and other insights.
  2. They will need to be experience with data base schema and structures. They will be modifying and working in a existing database.
  3. Dump the data that we are gathering and create and the update a data warehouse on site.
  4. Visualize the data from the data ware house and infer trends and other business behavior that only the data can show.
  5. Work with the web developers on projects. 



eLearning Design Support

Position Summary

The eLearning Design Support will use web/graphic design skills to build interactive and media-rich learning modules for online science lab courses.  The position will support the Instructional design team within the product development team. The eLearning Design Support specialist will require knowledge of design techniques, learning theories and a variety of technology tools.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides support to the instructional design team, the product development team and the digital team.
  • Applies sound user interface design techniques and best practices in web/graphic design to the development and evaluation of instructionally effective course content.
  • Utilizes multi-media and e-learning authoring software like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and a variety of standard and emerging authoring tools to create professional and interactive online learning experiences.
  • Reviews completed courses for quality, compliance, and overall effectiveness.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements

  • Experience and expertise with graphic design, web design and a variety of software associated with these disciplines.
  • 0-3 yr. experience in an online education media asset creation.

Desired Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Articulate Storyline, and editing skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of XML, HTML, and digital publication output processes.
  • Experience with creating media assets for online learning, including video content, interactive lessons, print design and assessments.